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FACES magazine takes young readers to places as far as the other side of the world and as close as the next state to get an honest and unbiased view of how children in other places live.  Whether you are planning a trip or just want to learn about faraway places, FACES will give you the information you need to feel like a local. From common customs to rules of the road, unusual foods to animals found in the region, games to housing, FACES uses breathtaking photography and authentic local voices to bring the entire world right to your mailbox.

Become a World Traveler—No Passport Needed

What’s the next best thing to traveling the globe? Journeying with FACES magazine to a different corner of the world each month. From China to Sweden, Nigeria to Brazil, the sands of the Kalahari Desert to the beaches of France, you never know where FACES will take you or whom you will meet there. Be it games from Samoa, Palestinian folk tales, or Australian animals, FACES magazine will help kids discover the amazing people, places, and cultures found around the world.

If your young reader loves to travel, get FACES, the travel magazine for kids that also teaches geography, ethnography, and world cultures. Featuring inventions, articles, recipes, folk tales, and hands-on projects from around the world, FACES magazine is the next best thing to spending your childhood traveling the planet.

FACES Magazine is delivered 9 times per year by mail and digitally and features:

  • Advertising-free articles all focused around the theme of the issue for a truly in-depth look at a country, culture, or idea.
  • Monthly departments such as At a Glance which showcases an idea or region through an infographic, Critter Corner which highlights an animal important to the culture, and Art Connection, which connects kids to the art of a country or culture.
  • Handy travel advice about local customs, languages, and foods for kids lucky enough to travel to a particular place, making the entire experience more understandable and enjoyable.
  • Additional features include Dear Tommy, High 5, and much, much more!

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