Grammar Matters 2nd Edition – Talking about Time & Place

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Grammar Matters is a series of five books that looks at aspects of the grammar of English that are particularly important to users in Singapore and the region. The series teaches and explains clearly and concisely the main areas of difficulty for many users in the region and offers self-check activities for learner reinforcement of these language points.

While the text is lighthearted, the areas covered have been carefully chosen to be relevant to the readers in everyday situations in Singapore and beyond. The series covers a wide range of grammar points from nouns in the first book of the series to how to combine ideas effectively in the fifth book. The grammar points are presented using authentic examples and different types of text such as conversations, letters, interviews, memos, diaries, emails and written reports.

The five books in the series are:

  • Talking about Things
  • Talking about Actions
  • Talking about Time and Place
  • Talking with Others
  • Talking at Length

In this second edition of the series, more self-check practice activities are included at the end of each unit for you to revise and consolidate your learning of the key grammar points covered. This series focuses on the most common grammar errors and mistakes made by users of English in Singapore and the region. It presents you with the essential information through cartoon illustrations, dialogues and other text types, in a simple, reader-friendly format that will add pleasure to your learning of grammar.

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