I.Love.Reading Series: 12 issues

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Looking to start your child on their reading journey?

Introducing ILoveReading Series. This is a magazine for children between the ages of 4 – 8. This magazine seeks to develop the joy of reading in children and to complement their learning through a series of well thought out stories and activities. It centres around three main characters a brother and sister name Stan and Stella; and Lulu, a ‘magical’ monkey. Children will be eager to join in the adventures of the characters in each new issue.

The stories seek to draw the children in and create in them a desire to read and find out what happens to the characters, whom they will be able to readily identify with. The level of reading is age appropriate and seeks to reinforce reading fluency. Questions are embedded within the stories to help children develop both critical thinking skills and empathy towards others.

The activities like crossword puzzles, word searchesspot the differencemazes and simple craft are fun ways to help develop skills such as fine motor skills, eye-hand co-ordination, word recognition and vocabulary building. The colourful illustrations that accompany the text are attractive and lively and will make reading a positive and joyful experience for the young children.

Get yours today, and start your child on their reading journey!

Issue 1- Amazing Jungle Adventure: In this inaugural issue of I.love.reading, Stan and Stella receive a strange visitor and embark on an amazing jungle adventure where they come face to face with a lioness!

Issue 2- Fun on the Farm: Stan and Stella make hand puppets and learn about various animals that live on the farm.

Issue 3- April 22nd is Earth Day: Earth Day reminds us to take care of our beautiful planet. There are many things that we can do to help. In this issue, you will read about how Stan and Stella saved a baby seal. Learn more about how we can care for our earth through fun games and activities.

Issue 4- Travel/Transportation: Learn more about various kinds of transportation as Stan and Stella travel through Europe.

Issue 5- Friendship Day: Celebrate Friendship Day with Stan and Stella. Stan and Stella have many friends who come from different countries. Thus, they are having a special celebration, wearing different costumes from around the world. Learn how to make a Friendship Ring, solve a puzzle and many more!

Issue 6- Step into Storyland: Stan and Stella embark on a magical adventure into Storyland where they get meet characters from their favourite stories.

Issue 7- Staying Healthy and Happy: Do you know that it is important to keep yourself healthy? In this issue, Stan and Stella will share with you many ways to stay fit.

Issue 8- Pets are Special: The theme for this issue is Pets Are Special. Do you have a pet? Pets can be our best friends, and some pets are even heroes. Stan and Stella have stories about pet heroes, and photos of their friend’s pet cat.

Issue 9- Our Precious Planet: Earth is a very beautiful planet that provides us with many of our needs. In the month of April, we celebrate Earth Day. It reminds us that we can all do our part to care for the world that we live in. Remember: together we can save our precious planet!

Issue 10- Creatures of the Sea: Do you like Dolphins? Stan and Stella do! Read about Stan and Stella’s exciting trip to the Underwater Adventure Park, and learn about many other sea creatures.

Issue 11- Community Helpers: Have you ever taken a walk around your neighbourhood? In this issue, Stan and Stella will learn about some very important people in their neighbourhood and the work that they do.

Issue 12- Kindness Matters:  In this issue, Stan and Stella take a look at moral values and how important it is for us to care about others.

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