Inspire Magazine 2022: 3 single issues + 1 double issue

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Get your Instagrammer teenager reading more and doing better in the English exam!
Inspire magazines are specially written with #trending topics in order to get your teenager to spend less time surfing the internet and more time reading enriching content.

Every issue of Inspire magazine has been written to help your teenager do well in all 4 papers of the GCE “O” Level English exam by covering #trending topics they care about and will want to read.

Each issue also contains QR codes to YouTube videos to engage a young reader in digital ways, as well as inspirational stories to encourage your child to dream big and fight against hardships.

The issues are filled with articles discussing topics relevant to a teenager today, and are written in the below 5 essay formats to help your child master all 5 writing styles:
– Argumentative Essay
– Descriptive Essay
– Expository Essay
– Narrative Essay
– Personal Recount Essay
Inspire magazine is written by a team of highly qualified former MOE teachers and also includes worksheets and even oral and listening comprehension exercises to help students do better in all 4 papers of their English exams.

Inspire magazine was nominated Best Education Title by Singapore Book Awards in 2018 and 2021. Inspire will help your child to:
– Master the 5 essay formats
– Develop critical thinking, writing, reading, listening, and oral skills
– Increase general knowledge

Pre-Order your 2022 issues today!
Issue 34 – Published in 2022 February
Issue 35 – Published in 2022 April
Issue 36 – Published in 2022 July
Issue 37/38 – Publishing in 2022 August

Issue 34 Coming of Age – This issue is a must-read- it is all about You. In your teen years, you may question about your identity. To what extent do you derive your identity from your family, culture that you were born into, the peers you mix around with and the environment you are growing up in? In the pages here, you will learn about how teens of different cultures and generations can vary vastly. You might discover some surprising facts about yourself, and be amazed at how your personality affects how you perceive the influences around you.

Issue 35 The Lifestyle Issue-  How do we get fit or remain healthy? Is it about the food? How about exercise? In truth, it is a combination of these, and more- it is about relooking our lifestyle.  Choosing the right lifestyle means making the right choices about food, health as well as the right personal choices on leading a fulfilling life. We hope this issue helps you to seriously consider leading a healthy lifestyle.

Issue 36 Strange Beauty- “There is no beauty without some strangeness.” This is what Edgar Allan Poe, a famous poet of the 19th century, declared two centuries ago. There is much strangeness in this world. Cultures where beauty is defined differently feel weird to us, such as the elongated necks of the Kayan women in Myanmar. Buildings such as Leaning Tower of Pisa intrigue us  because of their unique structures. Even some people’s hobbies sound odd to us. Think LARPing (if you do not know what this means, you are going to find out in this issue!)!
Yet, in all strangeness, there is an allure. The oddities draws us towards them as they are simply special. Still doubtful? This issue on Strange Beauty might just change your mind.

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