A-Level Economics: Evaluation Points Volume 2

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In recent GCE A-Level Economics examinations, there has been less emphasis on testing lower-order thinking skills of knowledge and comprehension. In order to do well in examinations now, students have to display higher-order thinking skills, such as application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Unknown to many, regurgitation of lecture notes will hamper a student’s ability to achieve high marks. In order to score a distinction in the Economics examination, it is important to write evaluative comments in your essays. However, many students find it challenging to evaluate alternative theoretical explanations and perspectives of economic problems, issues and policy decisions. The Evaluation Points series will help students generate possible evaluation points for the theoretical content that they have learnt in class, thereby helping them to achieve their desired distinction grade in the A-Level Economics examination. This Volume 2 serves to provide even more thought-provoking and useful evaluations for students.

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