A-Level Economics: The Examples Book

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If there is one thing Economics students tend to lack, it is examples. Students spend their time memorising and digesting Economics concepts, which is a prerequisite for doing well. To actually help answers shine, students need to use relevant examples. This is because every student will have the same access to the theories and concepts, but not everyone will spend the effort and time to accumulate examples and use them appropriately when crafting their answers.

This book will serve as a good start for students to grow their own store of examples, with a wealth of them, all neatly categorised by topic and concept. The other reason why students should read examples is that they help them to understand abstract concepts better. When students struggle to comprehend how a particular theory works, an example will come in handy. Lastly, examples also help students to see how to bridge the gap between concept and reality. When students appreciate how concepts work in the real world after they have read the examples, they become more adept at case studies and essays, where application is essential to doing well.

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14 reviews for A-Level Economics: The Examples Book

  1. Koh N

    Contains lots of examples not found in my JC notes. Recommended by my teacher to buy this book to beef up my essay with relevant examples.

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