Practice Makes Perfect Lower Secondary Science – Chemistry

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Practice Makes Perfect: Lower Secondary Science (Chemistry) is written to help students master chemistry more effectively and efficiently. This book aims to help students apply the concepts they are taught in school such that they are able to tackle a variety of problems at the current level, as well as build up a strong foundation for them to proceed to take on chemistry at a higher level. As such, the book contains the following features to guide students in their learning process:


  1. Chapters based on latest Lower Secondary Science syllabus issued by the MOE.
  2. Topical exercise questions divided into 2 parts: Section A consists of MCQ questions and Section B consists of structured questions. The questions are selected to test the mastery of various concepts and application of the concepts taught in school.
  3. Answer keys that consist of key words and template for answering questions when they sit for tests or examinations.

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