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Secondary 4 SASMO-Math Competition 2021 – 2022 Contest Problems

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Unlocking Mathematical Excellence with SASMO: Fostering Confidence and a Love for Math

SASMO, the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiads, is not just a contest; it’s a transformative experience that extends beyond the brightest mathematical minds to inspire confidence and reignite the love for math in every student.

Rediscovering the Joy of Math

In an age where mathematics often feels daunting, SASMO is designed to rekindle the love for this essential subject. We understand that a strong foundation in math goes hand-in-hand with confidence and success. Through the SASMO contest, students are guided on a journey that makes math enjoyable once more.

Integrating with the School Curriculum

SASMO isn’t a standalone endeavor; it seamlessly integrates into the school curriculum. With a high emphasis on non-routine problem sums, it challenges students to step beyond the conventional and embrace the exciting world of mathematical thinking. SASMO complements the classroom experience, enhancing the way students perceive and engage with math.

Empowering Olympiad Participants

To excel in SASMO, students need the right tools. That’s where our book, “SASMO-Math Competition,” comes into play. This comprehensive resource is tailored to SASMO participants, offering valuable preparation and fostering higher-order thinking skills. The problems within this book are carefully designed to encourage students to think mathematically, fostering an environment where patterns emerge, and multiple problem-solving avenues become evident.

Unlocking Mathematical Potential

Our book doesn’t aim to teach advanced or obscure topics. Instead, it focuses on empowering students to think critically, explore mathematical concepts, and develop problem-solving skills. The joy lies in discovering patterns and encountering diverse approaches to problem-solving, all presented in a non-technical and engaging manner.

SASMO-Math Competition Series

Our commitment to mathematical excellence extends across all levels. The SASMO-Math Competition series encompasses books catered to learners from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. These books are thoughtfully curated to ensure that students at various stages of their mathematical journey have access to the resources they need to thrive in the SASMO contest.

In conclusion, SASMO is more than a math contest; it’s an educational movement that nurtures mathematical confidence and a passion for problem-solving. Our SASMO-Math Competition series and companion book empower students to excel in this journey. By fostering higher-order thinking and providing diverse problem-solving techniques, we aim to unlock the mathematical potential within every student. Join us in this mathematical adventure, rediscover the joy of math, and prepare to shine in the SASMO contest. Start your mathematical journey with SASMO today!

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