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CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd is a well-established Singapore-based education consultancy firm that specializes in providing a range of education-related services to clients worldwide. Our company is made up of a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, including university professors, former National Institute of Education (NIE) lecturers, and ex-Ministry of Education (MOE) officers. Our team is composed of individuals from diverse fields and more than 30 countries, providing us with a global perspective to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We are committed to providing high-quality education-related services to our clients, including the development of educational resources, curriculum design, and the publication of assessment books for pre-school to pre-university levels. Our wide range of education-related services is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring that they receive the best possible support to achieve their education-related goals.

At CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd, we place great importance on understanding our clients’ needs and safeguarding their interests. Our consultancy services are based on a collaborative approach, where we work closely with our clients to understand their goals and provide them with the necessary support to achieve them. We also believe in the importance of sustainability in the education sector and ensure that the educational strategies and practices we introduce are viable and relevant long after the consultancy period.

Our company is a statutory member of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and an institutional member of the Association of Singapore Educators. These memberships signify our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in all our dealings.


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At our online store, we are committed to ensuring that our customers receive their orders promptly and in the best possible condition. To achieve this, we have a dedicated in-house delivery team that is responsible for handling all shipments made directly from our online store. Our delivery team is well-trained, efficient and dedicated to ensuring that each order is dispatched in a timely manner and arrives at its destination promptly and securely.

Moreover, we recognize that in today’s globalized economy, customers come from different parts of the world, and shipping packages internationally requires expertise and reliable partnerships. As such, we have established partnerships with trusted third-party logistics and delivery partners to handle shipments to customers located outside of Singapore. Our partnerships with these logistics and delivery companies ensure that our customers’ orders are handled with the utmost care and delivered to them safely and efficiently.

We take great care in ensuring that all orders are properly packaged and labeled for easy identification and handling. This ensures that our customers receive their packages in excellent condition and can enjoy the products as they were intended. We also provide real-time tracking information for all orders so that our customers can monitor the progress of their shipments from our warehouse to their doorstep.

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The logo of CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd embodies our core values and spirit of education. The mortar board, a timeless symbol of education, is used to evoke the concept of learning and knowledge. The student in the logo is raising both arms in confidence and enthusiasm, representing the optimistic and positive spirit of our consultancy. This portrays the energy and passion we bring to our work in helping students achieve their academic goals.

The colours chosen for the logo are also significant. Turquoise symbolizes open communication, which is crucial for effective education and learning. It promotes a sense of trust and understanding between educators and students, which is essential for successful learning outcomes. Teal represents trustworthiness and reliability, reflecting our commitment to providing reliable and trustworthy services to our clients. It also highlights our emphasis on integrity and honesty in all our dealings with our clients.

The use of grey in the logo represents elegance and formality, which reflects our professionalism and dedication to providing high-quality services to our clients. It emphasizes our attention to detail and our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work.

Overall, our logo is modern, fresh, and vibrant, reflecting our dynamic and professional approach to education consultancy. It embodies our core values of open communication, trustworthiness, and reliability, and our commitment to excellence and professionalism. We believe that our logo represents our company in the best possible way and portrays our spirit of education and passion for helping students achieve their academic goals.

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As an education consultancy firm, we strive to support community development and achieve success by delivering simple yet effective educational solutions.


We work to bring you the highest quality of educational materials found in the market. Our repertoire of more than 500 academic and assessment books ranges from pre-school to pre-university levels. We also organise educational workshops for students, teachers and professionals.


At the heart of our operations, we are a diverse team of hardworking individuals dedicated to improving access to education for all.


The customisable curriculum design service we provide is unique in Singapore. Clients need only inform us of their needs, and we will tailor the curriculum accordingly. Research and development, planning and execution are all carried out by us.


Our books are sold in more than 20 countries globally. In Singapore, they can be found in all major bookstores and online stores.


Our books are written by subject professionals and experienced educators. Our global network consists of renowned university professors, former National Institute of Education (NIE) lecturers, and ex-Ministry of Education (MOE) officers. We partner with booksellers, retailers and distributors all around the world.


Our books go through three main stages after an author agrees to work with us – content development, production and then distribution. The author submits a completed manuscript which is edited by our experienced in-house editors. After the book is published, our team markets the book to bookstores and our global partners.


Through careful planning and design, we aim to deliver quality educational products to every individual who wishes to enrich their learning.


Our place is within the community. Without the support of teachers, students, parents and partners, it would not have been possible to be where we are today.


We profit ethically from our sales and believe in giving back to the community by supporting various voluntary welfare organisations.


At CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd, we are proud to have been recognized for our commitment to excellence in education. Over the years, we have won numerous awards that reflect our dedication to providing high-quality educational products and services to individuals around the world. We believe that these awards are a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our team. Our team is committed to providing the best possible education and learning experiences, and we are proud to have been recognized for this.

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CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd is an institutional member of the Association of Singapore Educators and a statutory member of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF). These memberships demonstrate the company’s dedication to maintaining high standards of professionalism and quality in all aspects of its operations.