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Nursery and Kindergarten Chinese Language Curriculum Set

CPD Singapore is proud to be a distributor of a comprehensive set of Chinese curriculum developed by The Confucius Institute of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore). The curriculum was launched by the former Minister of Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung. The curriculum is aligned to the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) framework and features locally relevant content, with scenes of Singaporean daily life that children can identify with, such as experiences in a HDB or MRT setting. 

Titled “Chinese for Early Learners”, the curriculum comprises of 68 books, 544 lesson plans, 2,800 flashcards and 16 student activity books. The curriculum caters to four preschool levels: Nursery 1 and 2, as well as Kindergarten 1 and 2. Since 2015, Confucius Institute-NTU’s Teaching Resource Team worked closely with academics and preschool educators to design and develop lesson plans, book content and nursery rhymes from scratch. The books are compatible with reading pens that can read the text aloud when pressed against the words on a page.

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Each set of material comprises:

  • ​68 big books
  • 544 lesson plans
  • 2,799 flashcards
  • 16 student activity books
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  • 套系统化的本土学前华文教材
  • 根据新加坡教育部《学前母语课程框架》编写和设计的多样化教具
  • 以递进式教学法贯联全套教材之17个主题


  • ​68册绘本
  • 544份教案
  • 2799个教具(图片、图卡、词卡、手偶等)
  • 16册学生活动本

  1.  我是谁?
  2. 我的身体会唱歌
  3. 我爱我的家人
  4. 我的幼儿园
  5. 我的邻里
  6. 健康的饮食
  7. 动物大世界
  8. 美丽大自然(一)
  9. 美丽大自然(二)
  10. 中华文化(一)
  11. 交通小卫士
  12. 我和数学玩游戏
  13. 安全小卫士
  14. 我的国家(一)
  15. 我的国家(二)​
  16. 世界真奇妙
  17. 中华文化(二)