Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning encompasses joint intellectual effort by learners, or learners and educators together. Collaborative Learning goes beyond the mastery of content and covers a broad range of approaches with wide variability in the amount of in-class or out-of-class time built around group work. It can range from classroom discussions interspersed with short lectures, or peer discussions through entire class periods. The aims and procedures of collaborative activities also differ widely. On one hand, some group work are highlystructured and are devised around sequential steps. On the other hand, some are initiated spontaneously from students’ questions or interests.

The global shift towards high-technology and information-based economies has placed a premium on workers who are equipped with interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills. Thus, it becomes increasingly vital that educators are able to facilitate collaborative learning including face-to-face interaction, group processing, positive interdependence and individual accountability. In this course, educators will be expected to work in groups to design tasks that incorporate collaborative learning in their teaching. We also facilitate discussions on issues relating to lesson design and the use of ICT to support collaborative learning.

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collborative learning workshop for teachers