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CPD Affiliate Programme

Want to earn some extra income as you share about our educational products? Join the CPD Affiliate programme! Registration is free and easy! Read on to find out more.

At a Glance

Like the products that CPD offer?

Register as a CPD Affiliate here

Promote the CPD shop page or product(s) to others with a
referral URL through your own channels

Customer clicks the link and makes a purchase

Affiliate system records the purchase and details of the

Transaction is credited

Earn a 5% commission of the transaction

The CPD Affiliate programme allows you to link the CPD shop page or any page within the CPD website, from your online platform(s) through a referral URL. Each time a visitor clicks the link from your platform to ours and purchases item(s), we pay you a commission!

  1. Your visitors will benefit from CPD’s huge selection of educational products and be aware of savings they can enjoy (e.g., discounts for CPD members).
  2. You get to earn commissions.
  3. Your visitors will be thankful that they got such a helpful referral from you! 

Please refer to the User Guide by clicking here.

You will need to have an online platform (e.g., website, Facebook, Twitter, email, WhatsApp, etc.) to promote the link(s). You will also need to have a PayNow account to receive your commissions.

There are no restrictions when participating with our programme. You are free to continue to participate with other programmes.

The CPD Affiliate programme is only open to people based in Singapore with a PayNow account.

  1. Register for an Affiliate account here.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Once you have that email, you can login here to obtain your referral URL(s) and track your progress. 

You do not need to register an account for each online platform that you have. You just need to register for one Affiliate account, and you can use the referral URL(s) from the account on any of your platforms.

CPD wants platforms that are interested in promoting our products to benefit their visitors. Preferably, we would prefer your platform to:

  • Not display content that may be deemed as hate, violent, sexually explicit or offensive.
  • Not promote drinking or smoking.
  • Not promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Not promote violence or illegal activities.

No, it is a free programme. 

You will earn a 5% commission of the sale amount from each customer referred to our site from your referral URL. There is a 7-days cookie for return visitors. Meaning a visitor does not need to make any purchase right away. You will earn commission on sales that take place up to 7 days after the visitor clicks on the referral URL.

You will earn commissions after every successful transaction from your referred customer. You will need to request for a withdrawal (minimum amount of $10) in your Affiliate account in order to be paid. Commissions are paid through PayNow only. No other payment methods are available. Commissions earned will NOT expire even if not withdrawn beyond a certain timeframe.

You can login to your Affiliate account here and you will be able to see your total earnings, total paid, total visits, etc, from your Affiliate dashboard. 

If a customer returns a product for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission on that transaction. The total amount refunded will be reflected in your Affiliate dashboard.

All products from the CPD online store, are commissionable.

Yes, you can buy products for yourself through your referral URLs. However, you may not buy products through your referral URLs for reselling or other commercial purposes.

You can download some generic banners from the Generate Link page in your Affiliate account. For any special requests, email us at

Yes, you can login to your Affiliate account here and click on “Settings” under the Menu to change your PayNow phone number. 

Login to your Affiliate account here and click on “Generate Link” under the Menu to get your referral URLs.

You can contact us at if you have specific content that you would like to use. We will let you know if it is alright to the use the content and its placement.