Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom involves providing students with a variety of learning objects as part of pre-class-meeting homework; teachers then put class time to effective use through hands-on activities, application, and demonstration of content mastery based on pre-class requirements. In this way, the flipped classroom transforms the role of educators from being a “sage on the stage” into a “guide on the side” – it changes from that of a passive presenter of content to a practitioner of teaching and learning.

Our course aims to:

  • Highlight the differences between the traditional classroom and the flipped classroom,
  • Uncover the challenges associated with the implementation of flipped classroom techniques,
  • Map out the best practices for placing educational encumbrance upon students,
  • Demonstrate the execution of teaching delivery in order to eliminate co-dependency and to develop cognitive skills of learners.

In this course, we also look into educational tools to facilitate learning. Video is one instructional tool that is widely used. However, the overuse of any educational tool can render the flipped classroom approach monotonous. We will thus examine other multimedia resources such as online simulations and games, readings including articles and books, and collaborative tools such as discussion forums, peer reviews, blogs, and social media.

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flipped classroom workshop for teachers