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Experiential Learning

The theory-practice (T-P) gap is prevalent universally, not just in education, but in almost all professions. This presents a need to achieve a balance between theoretical knowledge and practice-based learning. One approach to strengthen the T-P nexus is through experiential learning. Experiential classroom works to create an interdisciplinary learning experience that mimics real-world learning.

Our course aims to use pedagogical tools to create a simulated school environment and experiential learning. These tools are designed in a way that surrounds four themes: reflective thinking, demonstrative method, inductive method, and problem-solving method. To bring this further, we incorporated authentic learning which relates to learning in context, learning by doing, learning through projects, and learning by using knowledge through solving problems and explaining the knowledge. We strive to help teachers engage students to learn by experience through authentic pedagogy, so that students not only see the fruits of higher intellectual achievements, but more importantly, their roles as adults as contributing citizens of society.

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experiential learning workshop for teachers