Mathematics Workshop

There has been greater focus on TIMSS and PISA, which indicates a growing interest in and emphasis on mathematics education worldwide. Mathematics is relevant in many fundamental aspects of our daily lives, from understanding basic information to facing the reality of having to make decisions regarding finances. 

When it comes to learning mathematics, every learner grasps mathematical concepts differently.  It is the duty of educators to craft a mathematics curriculum that reinforces strengths and tackles weaknesses, providing learners with necessary support to master the subject and realise their potential.

We will be looking at Singapore’s mathematics framework used in teaching mathematical concepts. This framework emphasises on acquiring the ability to solve problems and it is recommended that this framework be used as a guide for all stages of education in mathematics. We will be looking at the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach promoted by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE). This approach consists of 3 phases for learners to have a step by step guide to help learners translate their understanding of mathematics into numbers and symbols.

We will also focus at the mathematics model method by Singapore in problem solving. It is an easy yet effective way for solving questions. We will be showing the various ways models can be used to solve problems at different levels. Using heuristics as a general approach is another way to tackle problems when solutions are unclear and ambiguous. We will walk through the process of using heuristics to come to a solution for such questions.

At the end of this workshop, besides mastering the model method and other approaches, educators will also be guided on how to effectively craft questions to not only test learners’ understanding, but also to identify the challenges they face in problem solving and thereafter provide personalised guidance accordingly, to guide learners as they use various heuristics to solve mathematical problems.

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mathematics workshop for teachers