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Critical Thinking

Creative and critical thinking are often viewed as contradictory terms. Creative thinking is often associated with coming up with new, varied ideas, as well as details that enrich possibilities. On the other hand, critical thinking involves examining the possibilities constructively and developing the most promising possibilities. Which is more important, creativity or critical thinking? Neither. In fact, the two ways of thinking complement each other – we need creativity to generate options, but we also need critical thinking to focus on addressing challenges and concerns. Affordances for learning creative and critical thinking in the context of schools should be everywhere from the course curriculum to the physical and virtual spaces provided.

In light of this, our course attempts to provide some fundamentals to help educators appreciate the conceptions of creative and critical thinking. This course further brings to fore the essential conditions for promoting creative and critical thinking, approaches favourable to nurturing creative and critical thinking including the classroom environment, teacher competencies and dispositions, and school-wide initiatives for promoting creative and critical thinking in schools. This is followed by providing an overview of assessments used to assess creative and critical thinking.

By the end of the course, educators will realise the significance of developing creative and critical thinking skills among students in coping with the changes in a transient economy.

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creative and critical thining workshop for teachers