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Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

Compared to conventional teaching, constructivist teaching typically involves more student-centred learning experiences and activities with concrete materials, and in solving realistic problems. In a PBL context, this translates to the role of a teacher as a guide in the process of searching for information and learning new knowledge rather than a disseminator of knowledge. Therefore, in learning to teach, it is necessary to learn how to construct a learning environment that enhances students’ learning, and how to customise situations to suit a variety of learners needs.

In the 21st century, professionals not only require extensive knowledge, but are also expected to know how to apply the knowledge to solve problems, as well as the ability to function as a team. Our course thus offers an instructional approach beginning with the strategies and techniques in problem formulation to sustain students’ interest. We will build on to the motivational process to engage the learner with the literature and proceed to seek relevant, new information in a bid to fill the gaps in their prior knowledge. More importantly, this course covers the synergistic combination of instructional approach with features of technology to present PBL scenarios.

We recognise the fear of the unknown and unfamiliarity in handling group dynamics. At the end of the course, educators should be able to eliminate their fear, and be able to facilitate learning and handle group dynamics effectively.

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problem based learning workshop for teachers