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Welcome to CPD Singapore Education Services!

Over the last few years, Singapore’s education scene has transformed by leaps and bounds to keep pace with the demands of the global stage. Members of our future workforce are expected to be independent thinkers, lifelong learners and, most importantly, visionary leaders capable of weathering the storms ahead of them.

While this may all sound like heavy expectations on our future generations, we should not discount their abilities in the slightest. With the rapid onset of digitalisation and having grown up in the era of the internet, the speed at which our children are picking up new skills and knowledge far excel our own. As educators, what we need to do is to continue supporting their learning journey, so that our children can carry on growing and achieving new heights for themselves.

It is for this same reason that our books are mainly written by experienced educators, who are former Ministry of Education (MOE) teachers and qualified tutors. After years of educating students in the field, we have built up an in-depth knowledge of the areas where students will need additional guidance or instruction. By including these tips in our guides and assessment books, we hope to help students from all backgrounds excel in their studies.

Our mission has been the same since our founding: To deliver simple yet effective educational solutions for the community to advance and achieve success, and create opportunities for everyone to pursue education and be enriched with knowledge. Along the way, we hope to illuminate the path forward for our future generations to venture down their own learning journeys, so that they may discover the joy of lifelong learning, no matter where they may go in the world.

And in the coming years, even as the main mediums of instruction change with the advancements in technology, it simply opens new ways for us to innovate and advance the quality of our educational materials to suit the growing needs of educators, parents and students from around the world.

On behalf of CPD Singapore Education Services, I welcome you to join us as we strive to set the groundw­­ork for a changing educational landscape and the future of learning ahead of us.

Dr. Anthony Fok
Chief Executive Officer
CPD Singapore Education Services