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Consultancy Services for Improving Existing School

Schools are important institutions that groom generation after generation of students who become our future leaders. Starting a school is a noble effort and requires great passion and commitment. Alas, it is not always easy for it to be continuously successful due to some possible deficiencies in management.

Tangible problems that can prevent the school from continuing its operations in a sustainable manner include lowered enrolments, poor educational outcomes, poor financial management and so on. Many of them have underlying structural reasons such as improper organisational structure or a lack of staying relevant according to industry trends.

Our educator-consultants, with their years of experience running schools, are on-hand to provide consultancy services to improve existing schools facing their unique, individual challenges.

This process will be kickstarted by a comprehensive audit of the school to better understand the school’s challenges, opportunities and resources. This will then be studied carefully by our educator-consultants so that they can propose specific policies or changes.

Audit of Existing Operations

Our consultants will conduct a comprehensive audit of the school including its infrastructure, finances, educational programme, organisational structure, educational outcomes and parents’ satisfaction. A SWOT analyst is done to identify not only the key issues to be addressed, but also to explore how the school can leverage on its existing strengths and resources to do so.

Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

Based on the findings from the audit, a comprehensive school improvement plan can be drafted upon further consultation of which goals and objectives should take priority. Improvement criteria are thus agreed upon, alongside other important aspects such as the required budget for such an implementation, as well as a timeline.

Assistance during Transformation Process

If the school management is agreeable to the comprehensive school improvement plan, we can proceed with implementation. The process usually takes between 1 to 5 years, depending on the scope of transformation required. During this period, our consultants will continue to render their services in terms of advising and monitoring the progress of the transformation.


There are many signs which may have prompted you to consider the need for making improvements to the school, whether it is lowered enrolment of students or educational outcomes that are not matching standards. However, these problems often reflect underlying issues which may include inefficiencies in spending and management, or poor marketing. In general, a lack of experience in such areas could explain why your school is performing below expectation. But that is why our consultants are here to help. With decades of experience in the education industry, our consultants can provide the experience required to spot and solve problems faced by your school.

After an initial consultation, we will let you know which areas will be included in the audit. In general, we would encourage an audit that is as thorough as possible so as to ensure we do not miss out on any key information and can have a comprehensive picture of the issues that need to be tackled. Some examples of components in the school audit include infrastructure, programme, test results, parents’ feedback, etc.

With experienced consultants involved in the audit, proposal and implementation stages, we are confident that there will be improvements. However, it still depends on how the implementation takes place. The success of the improvement process thus also depends on the school’s willingness and effectiveness during the process.

The fees vary from school to school, depending on the scale of services required. Please set up an appointment with our consultants to find out more.

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