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ICT in Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

On of the major issues countries face is implementing a 21st-century skills agenda that focus on teaching, learning, and assessment that is aligned with changing educational goals. To develop these skills, the alignment of the components of the system i.e. curriculum, pedagogy and assessment need to be aligned, and be closely coupled to support students’ learning. Curriculum determines the tasks that indicate whether students have attained the learning objectives which in turn reflect pedagogy of classroom activities and strategies. The pedagogy then reinforces the learning objectives and preparea students for assessments.

By the end of the course, educators will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Educators will also draw upon theory and principle to develop a practical framework for implementation. This course takes a step further by extensively integrating ICT into the planning, design and implementation stages of the curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. We recognise that the integration of ICT within a curriculum, pedagogy and assessment is complex. ICT applications may be poorly attuned to the curriculum, or teachers may not change their teaching routines to use ICT in an innovative way. Hence, we designed the course in a way that can develop educators’ understanding of contemporary theory, concepts and skills as applied in the classroom context with a particular focus on cross-curriculum priorities.

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ICT curriculum teacher workshop