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Seamless Learning Environment

Seamless Learning is defined as the continuity of learning by bridging the multi-faceted learning efforts across various components such as space, time, technologies and community. In the past, learning was viewed as separate, distinct components; e.g. academic and non-academic, on-campus and off-campus experiences. However, with the proliferation of mobile devices coupled with widespread internet access, Seamless Learning has found a new impetus. In a Seamless Learning Environment, learners are encouraged to draw on resources that exist both inside and outside the classroom. More specifically, learners are able to seamlessly switch between a range of settings – formal and informal learning, individual and social learning, and learning in physical and digital realms.

In this course, we will investigate the theories in understanding Seamless Learning across various components. The ultimate objective is to foster habits associated with thoughts and skills of seamless learning among the 21st century learners. Moving on, we will introduce the principles for designing the Seamless Learning Environment. This is essential in ensuring that educators know how to effectively integrate the learning resources into the environment, so as to eliminate the problem of information asymmetry between the learner and the educator. Through this course, we aspire to help a seamless learner engage in self-direct learning, while not being inhibited by limited resources.

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seamless learning environment workshop for teachers