Primary School Series

CPD books come in series and are well-received in MOE schools as a supplementary learning resource to school subjects. The books are based on the latest MOE syllabus and are written by experienced teachers and educators. Schools keen to purchase any titles in series may email

Primary Vocabulary

This series is specially designed to immerse the student in the joys of learning the wide range of English words. Through the practices in this book, students will be able to familiarise themselves with the commonly tested vocabulary questions and will be better equipped to attempt their tests and examinations.

Primary English Excel

This series is written based on the latest Primary English syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. There are eight practice papers in each book, designed for students who are looking for rigorous practice before the examinations, or those who want to consolidate their learning and gauge their level of English language proficiency.

Primary English Challenging

This series aims to help students build on their vocabulary and grammar skills to score well in their examinations. Split across 38 weeks of the school year, they can use the books weekly to supplement their school work. It also aims to build up students’ confidence to facilitate their learning by providing revision for all components of the English paper.

Primary A-Star Difference

The A-star Difference English Vocabulary books aim to provide students with over a thousand vocabulary items used widely in tests. Some questions are deliberately set out to be self-learning. Each book is divided into three sections that enhance students’ awareness of key words and their meanings. In this way, their command of vocabulary will put them in the A-star category for English.

Primary English Strategies

This series is designed to prepare students for the comprehension cloze in their semestral assessments. Students who are successful at comprehension cloze are those who are able to use their existing knowledge of both language and subject matter.

Primary English Master

This is a comprehensive guide to listening comprehension and oral communication tested in Paper 3 and Paper 4 of the English examination. It is closely aligned with the latest assessment objectives for primary level issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore and includes online audio files of all texts of the listening scripts.

Primary Mastering English

Situational writing is the writing of a short functional piece such as a letter, email, report, etc., that suits the purpose, audience and context (PAC) of a given situation. This series practice exercises aimed to help students perfect their situational writing skills.

Upper Primary English

The Upper Primary English series helps students learn about and prepare for their examinations in a more efficient and systematic way. Students will be presented with a wide array of questions to equip them with the necessary skills to master different language components at the upper primary level, from creative writing to editing and comprehension.

Primary English Complete Guide

This series is a comprehensive guide that covers the components of English education from Primary 4 to 6. They cover Paper 1 to Paper 4 of the examination, and are suitable for use in class and self-revision at home.

Primary English Conquer

This series provides practice in constructing meaningful sentences, with the added aim of helping students learn to show how their ideas connect and emphasise the important ideas in their sentences. Students will develop a firm foundation in understanding the structure of English sentences as well as the confidence to use the acquired skills in their compositions.

Primary 100 English

100 English Worksheets Primary 5 & 6 is a series of titles based on the latest Primary English syllabus issued by MOE. With 100 practice worksheets in each book, they aim to help students gain confidence to excel in the English Language examination paper and achieve an outstanding grade in English

Primary English Practice

This series is a compilation of the latest practice questions in accordance with the latest syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. With contributions from teacher consultants who have decades of experience, the examination practices in this series aim to be a one-stop and comprehensive guide for English learning. The questions are challenging and specifically hand-picked for their value in teaching students important concepts and examination techniques. These examination papers aim to teach students important concepts and help students discover weaknesses in their answering techniques which they may not be aware of.

Primary English Comprehension

The central purpose of this series is to provide students with the vital skills to comprehend English texts and take on comprehension questions with confidence. The interdisciplinary element of this series engages students with its passages on various topics of interest, both fiction and non-fiction.

Primary English Mastering

This series is written for students to use in the classroom with teacher supervision and/or at home for independent learning. With the teaching notes, short practice exercises and tests, and tips on common mistakes to avoid, students will be more confident and better prepared to handle the demands of the English Language examination.

Primary Maths Mastering

This Math series was conceptualised and developed to provide students in primary schools with an organised approach to revising Primary Mathematics through comprehensive practices ranging in difficulty from basic to challenging.

Primary Model Maths

This series is written with clear step-by-step diagrams, instructions and explanations that allow independent learning. Parents and tutors will find this series self-explanatory and useful in guiding students. Much effort has been made to provide examples for easy reference, as they only need to point out the clear and concise explanations on each page.

Primary Maths CA&SA

Written based on the latest MOE Mathematics syllabus, this series provides students with comprehensive revision and practice for the actual continual and semestral assessments held in schools. Each book in the series contains 8 specimen papers: Continual Assessments and Semestral Assessments.

Primary Intensive Maths

This is a series of practice books with more than 800 intensive questions each, ranging from basic to challenging, based on the Primary Mathematics syllabus. It is designed to help students systematically revise the topics learnt in school.

Primary Maths Practice

This series is a compilation of the latest practice questions in accordance with the latest PSLE Mathematics syllabus. The questions are challenging and specifically hand-picked for their value in teaching students important concepts and examination techniques. Each book consists of 9 practice papers with full answers and worked solutions for the problem sums.

Primary Olympiad

This series aims to train students in critical and creative thinking. It is a useful resource for them to practice their thinking skills, and it is packed with challenging problems that will stimulate the brains of students.

PLSE Score AL1

This series contains questions that will help students to develop critical thinking skills and build their examination confidence. The questions are set to stimulate creative thinking and curiosity in students.  

Primary Bahasa Cekap

Buku Latihan Peperiksaan Cekap (Primary 1 – Primary 6) Series is written especially to prepare and attune students to the latest exam format in accordance with MOE guidelines. The test exercises and questions are comprehensive for students of all levels. Aligned with the current Cekap textbook and activity book, the students will be keen and confident in tackling all types of questions.

Primary Bahasa Latihan Intensif

This series is a collection of books that focuses on intensive practices that will help expand the student’s language ability and foundation in the Malay language. The practices are relatable and suitable for students to expand their knowledge in their vocabulary, language usage and phrasing.

Primary Tamil Specimen

Each book in this series contains 8 specimen papers. The specimen papers are written based on the various sections found in examination papers. These will help students to learn Tamil and prepare for their school assessments and examinations.