Primary 6 Conquer Synthesis and Transformation

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Primary 6 Conquer Synthesis and Transformation provides practice in constructing meaningful sentences, with the added aim of helping students by showing how their ideas connect and emphasise the important idea in their sentences. Students will develop a firm foundation in understanding the structure of English sentences as well as the confidence to use the acquired skills in their compositions.

The sentences which students write their answer to the questions set in the practice exercises are similar to the sentence structure skills that they should master at the end of Primary 6, as spelt out in the latest Ministry of Education syllabus for primary schools. Various strategies are comprehensively covered in this book and in the accompanying book, Primary 5 Conquer Synthesis and Transformation. Since learning is enhanced through insight, explanatory notes and answers to the exercises accompany each unit. Except where the strategies covered overlap, explanations given in one book will not be given in the other. A box at the beginning of most units highlights the different words to be covered for that particular strategy. Those in bold are discussed in this book, while those which are not are introduced in the other.

These books will help teachers, parents and pupils to identify and remedy sentence structure weaknesses easily because the skills have been classified by grammatical items for a systematic approach. Following such an approach also means that pupils are exposed to a variety of ways in which each skill can be explored, thus building agility in writing and thinking.

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