A Levels Series

CPD books come in series and are well-received in MOE schools as a supplementary learning resource to school subjects. The books are based on the latest MOE syllabus and are written by experienced teachers and educators. Schools keen to purchase any titles in series may email contact@cpdsingapore.com.

Fun A-Level General Papers

This GP series aims to enable students to gain a deeper understanding of each GP topic and theme. This series also hopes to help students learn how to evaluate issues and put across their arguments in a mature manner. The titles are specially crafted to increase students’ exposure and understanding of various General Paper issues and themes, and to help them improve their language skills.

A-Level Maths

The A-Level Math series offers additional practices for students. The materials contain examples and practices to help students better understand the skills required by the syllabus and provide thorough revision before examinations.

A-Level Sciences

This series focuses on providing students with effective revision content to prepare them for the A-Levels. Content is organised into concise sections for effective and efficient revision, helping students to improve their answering techniques along the way.

A-Level Economics

This series is written to help students prepare for their Economics examinations by learning the correct answering techniques and being exposed to a variety of questions. It aims to equip students with a strong grasp of economic concepts, so that they are able to write in a clear manner to gain maximum marks.