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Curriculum Planning and Development for School Leaders

Across the world, many educational systems struggle to sufficiently prepare students with the knowledge and ingrain in them the disposition to succeed in this era of constant change. While an education system is easily duplicatable, the needs of learners vary according to context. This points to the importance of school leaders in planning and developing a curriculum that develops students holistically – it is not merely about achieving the specific learning outcomes of an education programme; it is about planning ahead to respond strategically in the educational landscape. The educational outcome should encompass the school curriculum, subject curriculum, co-curricular curriculum, and the experienced curriculum.

At its core, our course aims to present the schools’ strategic plan and outcome as a consequence of a complex web of interdependent parts. These include the school leadership, environment and culture, the school’s curriculum and subject curricula, the assessment practices and expectations, and the school’s internal structures and operations. This course is also premised on social constructivism whereby spearheading curriculum planning and development is not an isolated effort; it involves a collective effort. A culture of teaching and learning involves not only educators and learners, but also between educators. The outcome is to nurture a pipeline of leaders to ensure scalability and sustainability of large-scale education reforms.

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