OJT Curriculum Blueprint

corporate training design
As the world becomes increasingly competitive, organisations need to continuously seek out ways to improve efficiency and productivity. It is also important that they use the extensive amount of information available regarding new technologies, prospective competitors and modern markets to their advantage. In order to remain relevant and attractive in a competitive society, employees today are expected to be equipped with knowledge on the latest processes, systems and technologies and undergo regular development of their skills as needed, as a result of an advancement in automation that reduces the size of the workforce. On top of that, these employees who work tirelessly to maintain a foothold wish to be respected and be provided with a platform to make contributions. To fulfil the needs and wishes of organisations and employees of modern society, organisations can adopt on-the-job training (OJT) systems. Poorly organised OJT can result in dissatisfaction among employees, lack of team spirit and enthusiasm, inefficiency, poor productivity, high replacement rate, low standards and increased chances of accidents and incidents that would incur high costs. Furthermore, crucial details are not included, excessive errors are made, and failure to understand how things should be done would result in the creation of methods to shorten the process, and a lack of consistency among employees. Conversely, should OJT be well-structured and planned out, there would be substantial improvements and benefits to the daily performance of organisations that adopt it properly. Our services OJT Curriculum Blueprint ensures that OJT is appropriately and continuously incorporated in organisations. This would allow OJT to be carried out in a structured manner to provide an established OJT demonstration system in your organisation. As every workplace has its own unique vision and set-up, CPD will work hand-in-hand with you to customise the OJT system according to your organisation’s needs. The corporate training curriculum provides the blueprint for a step-by-step exercise to equip staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform certain duties well or fulfil their designated roles in their place of work. We observe the entire organisation to distinguish the business imperatives, establish the work processes, and identify the staff needed for OJT training. Thereafter, we design a curriculum and craft a plan for training staff to follow. We aim to equip staff with new skills and knowledge needed to make any necessary adjustments swiftly by providing a flexible yet organised training system. We also hope to contribute to a reduction in mistakes, greater productivity and fewer accidents by establishing a consistent work procedure for employees. Email us at contact@cpdsingapore.com for more information if you are interested in purchasing the curriculum.