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Reader Box

With the advice of fellow parents and educators, we have hand-picked a wide array of books that would excite and spur your child’s love for reading! Develop your child’s literacy skills and keep him or her entertained with our Reader Boxes containing 3 books every month!

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How many books are there in each box?

Each box has 3 books.

What are the titles in each box?

It’s a surprise! But not to worry! Our books cover a wide array of genres suitable for the respective age groups, and are selected with the advice of fellow parents and educators. Your child will love them!

When will I receive my Reader Box?

For 1-month purchases:

You will receive it within 3 to 7 working days from the day you place your order.

For 6- or 12-months subscriptions:

You will receive your Reader Boxes within the last week of every month for the number of months you have subscribed for.
The cut-off date for subscriptions is the 15th of every month. If you placed your order before 15th, you will receive your first Reader Box within the last week of that month. If you placed your order on or after 15th, you will receive your first Reader Box within the last week of the following month.

Can I choose which months I want to receive the Reader Boxes?

You will receive your Reader Boxes in consecutive months starting from the month when you first placed your order.

I have subscribed to a Reader Box previously. Now, I decided that I would like to subscribe to another type of Reader Box too. Can I still enjoy the 10% discount?

Sorry, the 10% discount for purchases of more than one type of Reader Box is only applicable to purchases in a single order.

Can I cancel my subscription before it ends?

Sorry, no refunds are given if you decide to cancel your subscription before it ends.

Will my subscription be automatically renewed?

You will only be charged based on your order. If you would like to subscribe for more, please place another order.
For example, if you have previously subscribed to the 1-month plan, you will need to place another order to receive another box on the next month.

It is stated that prices are inclusive of delivery charges, but why is there a shipping fee in my cart?

Delivery charges are inclusive in the prices for Reader Boxes only. If you have added other products in your cart, standard shipping fee will be applicable.

I have moved. Can I change the delivery address for my Reader Boxes?

Sure, please email your new address to us at at your earliest convenience before the 15th of the month for the change to take effect before the delivery of your next Reader Box.