Early Childhood Professional Development Workshop

The Early Childhood Professional Development Workshop is specially designed to help pre-school educators realise and stretch every young learner’s potential as they grow and develop in this critical age.

Child Development Theories

In this course, educators/caregivers will be exposed to a diverse range of child development theories that are vital in supporting the growth and development of each child.

In light of the theoretical underpinnings, educators/caregivers will understand the significance of providing a child with holistic development, and be equipped to calibrate teaching methods through various levels (0 to 8 years of age).

Educators/caregivers will also be introduced to various developmental milestones across various age group including:

  • Birth and infancy
  • Toddlerhood
  • Preschool
  • Early School-goers

These outline the developmental stages of children and identify the typical ages at which these growth milestones occur; culminating to the notion of children being able to progressively learn and increase their skills and scope of understanding.

Thereafter, the framework of Motor Skills Development, Cognitive Development, Language Development, and Social Emotional Development will be discussed. By revolving around this framework, we aim to facilitate holistic learning amongst children.

Classroom Management Theories

Effective classroom management methods assist educators in the approach of positive teacher-student interactions.

This course aims to empower educators/caregivers to reflect critically on the theories and examine how these theories are relevant in the early childhood environment. More specifically, this course enables educators/caregivers to observe and interpret children’s behaviour, as well as build positive relationships with children through communication and interaction in the classroom.

Classroom Management Strategies

Classroom management strategies are essential to not only build positive teacher-student interactions, but also to observe and document children’s learning patterns. In this course, educators/caregivers will examine the various classroom management strategies, types of observations and documentations, and utilisation of various lens to understand each child.

Principles and Practices in Early Childhood

This course provides educators/caregivers an overview of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), pedagogical principles, and the approaches of ECCE across time and context.

At the end of this course, educators/caregivers need to understand that ECCE goes beyond preparing children for school; neither is it merely about preparing children for his/her life ahead. Rather, development is about the day-to-day experiences of children. Educators can make a difference in each child’s experiences, one day at a time, and as days lead to months and months to years.