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Consultancy on Curriculum Design for Schools

A school’s curriculum is undoubtedly a significant key to its students’ success. However, it is harder to design one than one would think, requiring the knowledge and efforts of different experts from initial design to final implementation.

CPD Singapore has a pool of experienced practitioners with a proven track record of success in their roles as principals, teachers, trainers, who can help you do just that.


Pre-Design Research

 Before going to the drafting table, it is important to know what the target student population wants and needs. If there is an existing curriculum, an audit of how it is currently performing should also be carried out through an assessment of test results and focus group discussions with students as well as teachers.

Curriculum Design

After the research process is completed, our consultants will begin designing the curriculum. During this process, there will be open communication between both consultants and client to ensure that expectations are being met. The final curriculum design will include not only the outline of the courses and deliverables, but also include the necessary resources for teachers to execute the courses such as handbooks and course calendars.

What is included in the curriculum design:

  • Learning objectives and outcomes
  • Learning materials (e.g., worksheets, textbooks)Assessment tasks and scoring rubrics
  • Teaching plans and activities
  • Teaching resources

Curriculum Implementation

 Once the curriculum design is finalised, the implementation process will also be meticulously overseen by our dedicated consultants, to ensure that the curriculum is implemented according to plan.


The Role of Technology

Technology in education is increasingly being adopted due to its versatility and relevance in this time and age. If this is something that you are also interested in, our consultants will be more than happy to recommend you specific technological tools that may complement your new curriculum.

You may also wish to implement a learning management system to allow students to access learning materials and submit assignments online. Canvas and Moodle are just some examples of learning management systems our consultants are familiar with.

21st Century Pedagogy

Students are no longer going to school to just to pass examinations. Education today must provide them with the skills and knowledge they need for work, life as well as citizenship. A curriculum that involves 21st century pedagogy will thus empower students to be proactive learners and socially minded individuals. Some examples of pedagogies that can be proposed include flipped classroom, collaborative approach, problem-based learning and gamification.


A curriculum may need to be redesigned for many reasons, whether it is due to unsatisfactory educational outcomes or concern from students, parents and teachers. This could be due to poor implementation of the curriculum, or a curriculum that does not satisfy the needs of the students any longer. Depending on when the curriculum was first designed, it could also be due to changes in society which has led to the changing needs of students. Whatever it is, our consultants will do a comprehensive audit and evaluate the shortfalls of the current curriculum.

Curriculum differs from school to school, subject to subject and cannot simply be transferred from one school to another. There are many variations such as class size, and the existing standards of the students. Even if you have a particular curriculum in mind, it is best to engage our consultants to decide out how best to translate that curriculum into one that fits the needs of your school perfectly.

CPD Singapore’s pool of consultants come from a wide range of teaching backgrounds and expertise, from kindergarten to tertiary education. Even if the subject curriculum you wish to design is not one in which any of our consultants is specifically experienced in, he or she will be able to work with a subject expert to deliver the service.

The fees vary from school to school depending on the kind of curriculum and scope of design. Please set up an appointment with our consultants to find out more.

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