Inviting Assessment Book Authors to Join Us!

Dear fellow educators,

If you would like to share knowledge with more students while adding on to your credentials as educators, why not publish or write your own assessment books and guide books?

At Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore), we have a variety of publishing packages for you to choose from. We also offer royalties at a higher market rate as well as editorial, design and marketing services.

We are a respected publisher of quality educational books for Primary, Secondary and Junior College students, with a repertoire of more than 100 academic and assessment books in distribution to all major and independent bookstores.

As Margaret Fuller once said, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it”.

Email us at to light the candles of our future generation with your own assessment book or guidebook.

All enquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Publishing Manager

Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) for Authors

1. What are the payment schemes available?

Authors may be paid by royalty or lump sum payment.

2. What are the steps / procedures towards getting my assessment book published?

Submit a sample and an outline of your work via email to together with information on the unique selling features of your book.

3. What format of manuscript should I send over to the Publishing House?

You should submit your manuscript in Microsoft Word format. We will handle the graphical drawings and typesetting aspect of the publication.

4. What is the time frame that I can expect the book to be out on the shelves of bookshops?

Normal production cycle is 2-4 months, depending on the time of the year your manuscript is submitted. Production will take longer if you submit your manuscript during peak periods.

5. Which are the bookshops that will be carrying my books?

The main bookstores for assessment and guide books are Popular bookstores and school bookshops. We also sell the books on our online websites and overseas.

6. Do you sell the books through school bookshops?


7. Do you sell the books directly to school teachers and students?

Members of our school sales team visit schools regularly to promote our books.

8. How do you work out the royalty amount of % of net sales? Can you give me an illustration?

Royalty is based on net sales, which is the retail price less trade discounts. For example if the retail price of the book is $10.00 and the retailer takes a 40% commission for selling the book, the net price is $6.00.

9. Who designs the cover page and layout? Does the author get a say in the design of the cover page?

Our in-house designers and typesetters do these. The author may give suggestions on the cover design, but the publisher has the final say.

10. If I would like a few copies of the book myself, do I get them?

The contract allows the author to get 5 complimentary copies. If you want more, you may buy them directly from the publisher at a discount.

11. I would like to order copies on behalf of my students, do I get them at a discounted price?


12. How many rounds of vetting before the book is published?

At least 3 rounds of vetting.

13. Do you have in-house editors to edit the book before it’s published?

We provide production editing. The author is responsible for checking the accuracy of content information.

14. Do you publish two books of similar nature from two different authors? (example: 2 science MCQ books?)

We may if the market can support both publications. This practice is similar across many publishing firms.

15. What’s the differentiating factor between your Publishing company and other companies?

We have a strong school team and good relations with many local and overseas bookstores. We also offer a much higher royalty payment for authors with good credentials and experience.

16. After the book is published, when can I expect to receive payment?

Royalties are paid once a year with the first payment in the year following the year of publication.

17. What if I discover that there is an error in the book after publication?

The error will be rectified at reprint. It is therefore vital that you check the proofs carefully.

18. When do I need to revise the book for the new syllabus?

Once you know there will be a change in syllabus, please contact us to set up a revision time frame.

19. What happens if the book doesn’t sell well?

The publisher may decide to declare the book out of print after two years if sales are poor.

20. Can I write another book for another publishing company?

You may, if the book covers a different subject or learning objective from the one you have written for us.

21. Can I put my educational qualifications and profile on the book cover pages?


22. How will I know whether you did not “cheat” on the numbers of books sold and under-declare the royalties?

Our accounts are audited externally every year.

23. Can I check on the number of books sold from time to time?

We are able to provide you with supply quantities but not actual sale numbers due to sales returns which might only be finalized much later on.

24. What are the various methods of advertising for my books? What promotional activities will your Publishing Company provide for me?

We publicize your book through the usual traditional and electronic channels as well as do joint promotions with bookstores through their events and advertising. Several of our authors have also participated in the Popular Book Fest organized at Suntec City Convention Hall over the last few years.

25. Do I need to declare income taxes on the royalties I receive?

Yes, royalties are considered to be income.

Brief Workflow for Book Publication