Action Research

Action Research is guided by movement through a cycle of actions: plan, act, observe, and reflect actions. This step-by-step process can potentially produce continuous improvement in the educational landscape, such that schools work towards providing a work force that meets the future needs of the economy.

Our course aims to meet these need through the following steps:

  • Establish the research problem
  • Search for relevant materials pertaining to the problem
  • Identify the purpose of the action research
  • Plan the action research
  • Frame the design of the study
  • Organise and analyse the findings
  • Summarise the conclusion of the study
  • Explore the implications of the study
  • Share the study findings

This approach shifts innovation from top-down to bottom-up. Educators are empowered to improve their competencies through problem identification and employing strategies, thereby fulfilling curricular development and innovation. The outcome of this course is that educators are able to craft appropriate curricular and instruction to meet 21st-century teaching and learning needs.

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