Pre-school Series

CPD books come in series and are well-received as a supplementary learning resource. The books are based on the latest Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) framework and are written by experienced teachers and educators. Schools keen to purchase any titles in series may email

Preschool Phonics

This series aims to introduce early learners to phonetic skills and engage them in fun and interactive hands-on activities of various skill levels. Interesting and challenging activities await learners who are looking to achieve success in preparation for their primary school education.

PreSchool Bridging

The complete series covers all possible heuristics for every topic, stating the conditions for the use of each heuristic technique clearly. Organised by topic, this series gives ample examples and practice to help students master the skill of application, using the appropriate problem-solving strategy to solve a given mathematical problem.

PreSchool Pre-Primary Preparatory

This series of titles is designed primarily for children in Kindergarten One and Kindergarten Two. More advanced learners in Nursery Two can start developing their skills through this preparatory course as well. With comprehensive lessons on English, Mathematics and Science topics, the series aims

to prepare your child as they transition to primary education.

PreSchool ASK

This series of pre-school books is specially written to help children learn in a fun and creative way, and aims to equip students with a strong foundation which is essential for developing proficiency in their further learning. With the guidance of parents, teachers and tutors, it is hoped that children will acquire the necessary skills for each level before proceeding to the next.

PreSchool Pre-Schoolers

The aim of this series is to introduce children to the foundations of language and Mathematics. It contains comprehensive assessments which can be used to assess the overall standard of the child and provide the level of preparation necessary to excel in school.

PreSchool Pre-Primary

This series aims to introduce comprehension cloze and creative writing to children and develop reading comprehension skills through engaging activities. The wide variety of challenging exercises stimulate pre-schoolers’ brain development and maximises their learning potential so as to prepare them adequately for Primary 1.

PreSchool K2-P1

This series completes a child’s preparation for primary school in comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. It is equipped with comprehensive features including activities and practice questions which aim to stimulate greater interest in learning and improve children’s knowledge of language through real-world contexts.

PreSchool Headstart

The Headstart series prepares students for primary school through exercises that encourage them to learn and develop the relevant skills and knowledge to master the English language.