Pre-primary English Comprehension Cloze and Creative Writing

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Pre-Primary English Comprehension Cloze and Creative Writing is specially written to give pre-schoolers a headstart in their primary school education.

It aims to develop reading, language and comprehension skills and introduce creative writing to pre-schoolers through fun and interesting activities.

The exercises provide a wide variety of challenging exercises to stimulate pre-schoolers’ brain development and maximise their learning in comprehension and creative writing.


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ISBN 978-981-11-9769-7

Author: Nurita Salem

Publisher: CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd

Price: SGD $9.90 (before GST)

Extent: 112 pp

Size: 210 mm x 297 mm

Genre: Revision (Pre-primary)

Availability: From 3 Jan 2019

25 reviews for Pre-primary English Comprehension Cloze and Creative Writing

  1. Angela Sean Ang

    Delivery was prompt. This book is rather tough. Useful for advanced learners.

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  3. K K Lim

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  21. Starz Wee

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  25. Karen KKS

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