Pre-primary English Comprehension Cloze and Creative Writing

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Pre-Primary English Comprehension Cloze and Creative Writing is a fantastic tool to give pre-schoolers a head start in their primary school education. It is designed to develop reading, language, and comprehension skills while also introducing creative writing to young children through fun and engaging activities.

The exercises in this program are carefully crafted to provide a wide variety of challenging exercises that stimulate pre-schoolers’ brain development and maximize their learning potential in comprehension and creative writing. These exercises are designed to help children build their vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure, which are essential skills for any primary school student.

One of the critical skills that children learn in Pre-Primary English Comprehension Cloze and Creative Writing is reading comprehension. This skill involves understanding the meaning of what is read, which is essential for academic success. By exposing pre-schoolers to various texts and stories, they learn to identify the main ideas, themes, and details in the text, allowing them to understand and retain information better.

In addition to reading comprehension, the program also focuses on language development. Pre-schoolers learn to identify and use different parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. By understanding these basic language concepts, children can communicate effectively and express their thoughts and feelings more clearly.

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ISBN 978-981-11-9769-7

Author: Nurita Salem

Publisher: CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd

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Extent: 112 pp

Size: 210 mm x 297 mm

Genre: Revision (Pre-primary)

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