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Secondary School Series

CPD books come in series and are well-received in MOE schools as a supplementary learning resource to school subjects. The books are based on the latest MOE syllabus and are written by experienced teachers and educators. Schools keen to purchase any titles in series may email

Sec English Comprehension

In this series, students will find a wide array of questions to equip them with the necessary skills and experience in answering comprehension questions at each level. These skills include reading and understanding, inferring, rephrasing and paraphrasing, comprehending language use for impact, analysing the use of figurative language, discerning vocabulary in context, and summary writing.

Sec English Editing

The English Editing Practice series aims to develop both Express and Normal (Academic) students’ editing skills, which require a good grasp of grammar in the English Language. Each book contains ample practices of varied text types for students to practise and strengthen their grammar knowledge.

Key Guide Secondary

This series provides students with a comprehensive revision of key components in various subjects including English, Mathematics, Chemistry, History and Social Studies. Practice exercises are carefully crafted to strengthen the student’s answering skills, and to help them study more effectively in order to secure excellent results.

Secondary ACE

This series is a one-stop comprehensive guide for secondary-level learning. The questions are challenging and specifically hand-picked for their value in teaching students important concepts and examination techniques. Students will be able to master content knowledge more effectively through the use of these titles.


The motivation behind the IGCSE Series is to provide students with guidebooks which are both comprehensive and easy to understand, so that they can take the IGCSE Examinations with greater confidence. These books can help to strengthen students’ overall understanding and appreciation of the topics, and can provide them with extra the extra practice needed to score a distinction in their assessments.