English Comprehension Practice Papers Secondary 3

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English Comprehension Practice Papers is a collection of comprehension exercises designed to provide students with sufficient practice to tackle Paper 2 of the O-Level English Language Examination.

Each practice paper follows the Singapore Ministry of Education’s sample comprehension format and consists of:

  • Section A: Questions based on a visual text [5 marks]
  • Section B: Questions based on a narrative passage [20 marks]
  • Section C: Questions based on a non-narrative passage [10 marks]
  • Section C: Summary based on the non-narrative passage [15 marks]

In this book, students will find a wide array of questions to equip them with the necessary skills and experience in answering comprehension questions at the Secondary 3 level. These skills include reading and understanding, inferring, rephrasing and paraphrasing, comprehending language use for impact, analysing the use of figurative language, discerning vocabulary in context, and summary writing.

This book can be used in the classroom with teacher guidance or at home by students independently. With this book, students will gain confidence in their comprehension ability at the Secondary 3 level. They will also be better prepared to ace and handle the demands of O-Level English Comprehension.

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