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Why are Flashcards useful for a Child's Early Education?

Bilingual Flashcards
Flashcards are an excellent tool in cultivating bilingualism. By establishing a connection between the two languages, flashcards encourage children to develop a photographic memory when learning new words, while associating the words with the pictures on the flashcards as well. Most importantly, these creative and colourful flashcards will inspire the love for learning a second language, stimulating greater mental flexibility and creativity.

Start your child’s bilingual journey with CPD Singapore’s very own bilingual English-Mandarin Flashcards that introduces both languages through simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English words. Each card features a picture of an object on one side and the corresponding Chinese characters, Pinyin and English word describing the object, on the other side.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Flashcards

Flash each card at 0.5 seconds. This rapid speed will attract the attention of the child. As a rule of thumb, choose a time during the day where the child will be relaxed and in a conducive mood to learn. Do not force the child if he/she is not in the right mood. Take a break and try again later. After each session, hug your child and tell him/her how much you love him/her.

These cards are printed on both sides, full-coloured, A5 size and 250 gsm paper.

You may wish to watch videos on how flash cards are used on children.

No. However, if you are an overseas customer, we can make special arrangements to mail the flashcards to your overseas address.

To order, please email with the following details:

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Once the orders have been confirmed via email, the payment details will be made known.

Payment can be made via bank transfer to:

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Orders will be processed and sent out in 14 working days.

There are various learning methods available and some children may prefer one learning method over the other. You may ask, by flashing the cards so fast, how can the child absorb? By asking this question, you are using your left brain which focuses on logic and reasoning.

Research has shown that the right brain has distinctive features compared to the left brain and it is dominant in children aged between zero to six. Strictly speaking, it is most effectively in children from zero to three, and it declines gradually from children aged three to six. Once the child reaches seven years old, the left brain will dominant.

Try a simple test at home. Take a stack of flashcards and flash this to your child diligently daily. After a couple of times, ‘test’ your child by getting him/ her to pick up the right card. Your child should be able to achieve this. That being said, right brain training is a long-term investment; do not expect to see immediate returns. This is especially so in young children. At a young age, you will just have to input the child with knowledge. You will definitely see the output as long as you persist.

Firstly, our flashcards are printed on thick quality paper and printed on both sides. The back side of the card will indicate the word/object which is on the front side of the card. This makes it easier to flash, compared to some cards, which has 2 different objects on both sides of the card. Secondly, a lot of time goes into researching the themes and finding appropriate resources. Our cards go in-depth into the various themes. For instance, on top of educating the child on the different modes of transportation available, we discuss on the different types within each category (e.g. Types of boats, types of trucks, etc).