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English Companion Workbooks for Primary 1 & 2

(Strictly for sale to MOE schools in Singapore)

The English Companion Workbook series comprises 14 workbooks per level that follows the sequence of Big Books used in schools.

The series is aligned to the learning outcomes of the latest Primary English syllabus issued by MOE for use from 2020. The exercises in the workbooks are closely aligned to the Big Books and readers used by teachers in the classroom. They help reinforce what is taught in the classroom and extends what is covered in the school’s learning sheets with further enrichment exercises.

Each workbook begins with an exercise on reading comprehension, which is followed by exercises on vocabulary, word study, grammar, oracy (oral and listening) and guided writing.

Each workbook can be used independently of one another, i.e., schools can choose to use the exercises in each workbook according to the lesson plans for each school term.

Answer guides with listening scripts are also available for adopting schools.

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Primary 1 English Companion Workbook Sample Pages

Primary 2 English Companion Workbook Sample Pages