Irwin See

Irwin See graduated with a Master’s degree (Distinction) from Oxford University and a Bachelor’s degree (1st Class Honours) from London School of Economics. A former MOE JC lecturer and tutor, Irwin was awarded a Distinction for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore. Irwin is now the founder and principal General Paper (GP) tutor of Irwin’s Study Pte Ltd, specialising in GP tuition for A-level JC students.

Donnell Koh

Donnell Koh graduated from the National University of Singapore with an Honours in Chemical Engineering. After receiving his Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore, he taught in junior colleges, working closely with students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds – the extremely weak to the highly gifted. He knows what works for students and what does not. His lessons focus on getting students to understand the basics and helping them to make connections among the different Chemistry topics. Donnell is the founder and principal Chemistry tutor of Twig Learning Center. With his vast experience, he has designed a set of powerful learning strategies and techniques that he has been using to teach his students to help them achieve excellent results in an incredibly short period of time.

Gary Ang

Gary Ang is the founder and principal tutor of Numberskill Math Tuition. He completed a double major in Mathematics and Political Science and graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science (2nd Upper Honours). He was a scholar at the University Scholars’ Programme in NUS, a premier programme for the top 5% of its student population, as well as a recipient of the Dean’s list. Gary Ang has helped hundreds of A-levels students score their A for mathematics for more than 10 years. His vast experience in teaching and knowledge of the subject enable him to consistently nurture his students to become competent and confident in Mathematics year after year.

Jasmine Wong

Jasmine Wong graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry. Having received her Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE), she then spent six years teaching Higher 1 (H1) and Higher 2 (H2) Chemistry at a junior college. In her years of teaching Chemistry to JC students, she has gathered and refined numerous teaching strategies to make Chemistry fun and easy for students. Jasmine also enjoys making chemistry come alive by incorporating everyday phenomenon, current affairs and forensic science in her dynamic lessons. With these innovations, she has seen many of her students achieve academic excellence and succeed in obtaining at least a three-grade jump in their A-Level Chemistry examination. Today, Jasmine works in ADVO Education Group Pte Ltd and continues to pour her heart out into coaching with one goal in mind: to inspire her students to achieve excellence in chemistry.

Patricia Koh

Patricia Koh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (majoring in English Language and History) and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Language from the National University of Singapore. She is also a recipient of the Singapore Ministry of Education’s Teaching Award (Scholarship). She has more than ten years of experience teaching in local junior colleges. She has also taught in various secondary schools. She specialises in the teaching of General Paper and has been invited to give public talks or lectures. In addition, she has been the anchor trainer with Stalford Learning Centres for several years. She also teaches in local junior colleges on a flexi-adjunct basis. Patricia has set up General Paper classes in Resident Committees (RCs) to benefit the community, and runs various GP coaching and enrichment programmes for schools and the public, including workshops and seminars. Furthermore, she has conducted special programmes in schools to train students who are weak in the subject. She is currently looking into sharing her experience and expertise through conducting General Paper seminars or sharing sessions for teaching professionals.

Raymond Cai

Raymond Cai holds a Master of Education (specializing in Curriculum and Teaching) from the National Institute of Education, Singapore, as well as a Bachelor of Science (Honours) majoring in Physics from the National University of Singapore. Currently, Raymond teaches at Learners Lodge. With close to ten years of experience in teaching, he has since developed a programme to help students understand and appreciate physics, as well as apply the concepts effectively and efficiently.

Tony Chee

Tony Chee is an NIE-trained teacher who has taught in top JCs and IP schools. He was also a Physics lecturer at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, where he trained Physics teachers, as well as Senior Head (Higher Education) at the Ministry of Education, Singapore, and an elected member of the Institute of Physics Singapore. Tony has obtained various qualifications and awards including First-class Honours in Physics and Mathematics, two Outstanding Contribution Awards by the Ministry of Education and the Singapore Government’s Public Service Commission (Overseas) scholarship. Currently, Tony provides Physics Tuition at Best Physics Tuition Centre.

Brenda Soh

Brenda Soh holds a Bachelor in Applied Science and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Having taught Chemistry in secondary school for many years, she has prepared numerous students to excel in their O-Level examinations. Brenda utilises simple language to explain difficult concepts and relate them to real-life encounters to assist students in fully understanding the concepts while sustaining their interest in the subject. Currently, Brenda continues to work with students and guide them to achieve desirable grades in their studies.

Wong Bee Ting

Wong Bee Ting holds a Bachelor of Arts (History and Geography) and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History from the National University of Singapore. She has more than 20 years of experience teaching in secondary schools, during which she had served as a Subject Head (History) and a Head of Department (Humanities). She had also served as Curriculum Specialist and Senior Curriculum Specialist (History) in the Ministry of Education, where she was involved in revising the History syllabus, developing History instructional materials and conducting teacher training.

Wynn Khoo

Wynn Khoo has been teaching Principles of Accounts for many years, first as a General Education Officer with the Ministry of Education, Singapore, and now as principal tutor at Wynn Education Centre. His experience in tutoring the subject over the years has equipped him with the knowledge, skills and resources to help students ace their GCE N and O Levels. He has also been featured in local newspapers, sharing techniques to excel in Principles of Accounts. Wynn completed his undergraduate studies at the Nanyang Business School at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with an Honours in Accountancy before furthering his studies subsequently at the National Institute of Education (NIE) and graduating with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). Wynn has a strong personal belief that if the students are willing to work hard, there is nothing that is unachievable. It is through this belief that many of his students have achieved remarkable improvements, some even from a grade of F9 to A1.

Grace Cheah

Grace Cheah has had more than 35 years of teaching experience in both primary and secondary schools and has published several supplementary materials. Prior to her appointment as Head of Department (English Language & Literature), she served as a curriculum specialist writer and monitored English programmes in primary schools. In her career, she has conducted courses for beginning teachers at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, as a consultant and developed resources for reading comprehension as well as creative writing in partnership with an educational consultancy company. Currently, she is engaged in conducting English Language workshops for trained teachers.

Lim Geok Choo

Lim Geok Choo holds a Master’s Degree in Education and a Bachelor’s Degree (with Direct Honours) in English and Linguistics. In her more than 30 years of experience as an educator, she has been Head of Department of English, an examinations officer, a curriculum developer and a specialist at the Ministry of Education. She has also taught pre-services courses to trainee teachers at the National Institute of Education. In her role as a Master Teacher with the English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS) at the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST), she has helped to develop the professional capacity of practising teachers with training workshops and advisory school visits. She has published and developed various English resources for primary and secondary schools as well as junior colleges.

Ong Kian Heng

Ong Kian Heng holds a Master of Education in Mathematics Education. In his more than 15 years of teaching mathematics at the primary levels, he has written books for both international as well as local publishers. He has conducted mathematics workshops on problem solving, heuristics and the usage of manipulatives to develop the professional capacity of practising teachers. He has also conducted mathematics workshops for parents to equip them with the necessary mathematical knowledge to help their children in the subject. He has presented papers in various conferences, both locally and overseas.

Josephine Fong Ching Min

Josephine Fong Ching Min is a trained Science teacher who has authored many Science textbooks and guidebooks for primary and secondary levels. Experienced in teaching local government schools, Ms Fong is presently teaching Science and Physics for the IB (International Baccalaureate®) Middle Year and Diploma Programmes in an international school.

Karman Chua

Karman Chua graduated with a Master’s degree in Education (M.Ed.) from NIE, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from NIE, and a Bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Biology from NUS. A former MOE JC lecturer and tutor, Karman has accumulated ten years of ground experience teaching H2 Biology at local junior colleges. Currently, Karman is a flexi-adjunct teacher at local junior colleges.

Benjamin Low

Benjamin Low is the established author of the very first self-learning set of math modelling series for problem sums and the former head of Math curriculum at several tuition centres.  He also runs math modelling workshops for both parents and students. Over the last 20 years, with teaching as his calling, Benjamin has guided thousands of students of various learning abilities – from top students as well as students struggling to pass Mathematics – to achieve greater heights in their understanding of and interest in Mathematics. Benjamin’s ‘One Method Math Mastery’ system makes solving Mathematics word problems easy by simplifying the process.  

Dr Herry Gunadi Sudibya

Dr Herry Gunadi Sudibya graduated from Nanyang Technological University with Ph.D. in Bioengineering. He has more than 8 years of teaching experience; mostly for Secondary and Junior College students. He is a very versatile teacher and is able to teach mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology subjects. When he studied for his doctorate, he received the Best Teaching Assistant award from the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, NTU.

Jacqueline Boh

Jacqueline Boh has 10 years of experience managing two childcare centres as the Centre Director cum Principal. Besides managing the business, she was involved in teaching and curriculum development. Jacqueline has a Diploma in Preschool Teaching and Leadership. She graduated from NUS with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. She studied Pure Science in Junior College. She is now pursuing her passion in educational book writing and learning material development.

Julie Choo

Julie Choo is a trained English Language Teacher with more than 30 years of experience in teaching English to students aged 7 to 18 years old, including scholars from China and Southeast Asia to students with special needs. She has developed curriculum both locally and regionally for educational organisations throughout the years. Julie believes strongly that mastery of the English Language is crucial as it is the language for universal communication for technology transfer, business, commerce, governance and legal fraternities. Her degree in Educational Studies, majoring in English Language Teaching and Special Needs, puts her in a good position to understand the challenges students face and the requirements of assessment under the different educational routes. Julie was Subject Head and Head of Department (English Language) at one of Singapore’s elite boys’ schools. She has also taught English in international schools across Singapore as well as spearheaded the teaching of Thinking Skills as Project Officer at the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Mathini Segar

Mathini Segar is currently an adjunct professor and consultant at NUS (Faculty of Science). She holds a degree in Chemistry and Life Sciences from NUS and has been an NIE-trained teacher, a curriculum developer and an established author for over 10 years. She has published books in Primary and Secondary Sciences, namely, The Diagnostic Science series, The Integrated Science series and The Science Buddy (Topic by Topic) series with well-known publishers in Singapore.

Pan Jiahe

Pan Jiahe – or more affectionately known by his students as Mr Pan – is a tutor with more than 10 years of experience. He has taught hundreds of students with different learning abilities – students from the gifted programme, students from mainstream schools, and students with special needs like ADHD, dyslexia and autism. He believes in making math fun, and to make complex solving techniques simple.

S. Vijay

Vijay holds a Master of Arts degree in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University, USA, and a Bachelor of Arts (Merit) degree from the National University of Singapore. He has more than 25 years of experience teaching Mathematics at the primary and secondary levels. He is currently a full-time tutor and author of English and Mathematics assessment books.

Sng Tat Ming

Sng Tat Ming is an experienced teacher with many years of teaching mathematics. He has also written several supplementary materials, including bestseller series A-Level H2 Mathematics Mentor Volumes 1–3, as well as 2017 GCE A-Level Examination Ten-Year-Series Solutions for the revised H1 (8865) and H2 (9758) Mathematics syllabus.


Joshua Law

Joshua graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Degree in Arts and Social Science. Thereafter, he pursued his childhood dream of becoming a Humanities teacher at the National Institute of Education (NIE). After attaining his Post-Graduate Diploma of Education, he had the privilege of teaching at various government schools. To further sharpen his teaching pedagogies, Joshua returned to NIE to achieve his Masters of Education (MEd). Joshua believes that studying Humanities subjects is more about gaining ‘Heart-knowledge’ rather than ‘Head-knowledge’. According to Joshua, the beauty of teaching of Humanities subjects is not only the impartation of ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Skills’, but more signifcantly the inculcation of ‘Values’ that is often lacking in our modern society. Upon leaving the service, Joshua set up his own Humanities education centre which specialises in the teaching of Social Studies, History and Geography.

Nurita Salem

Nurita Salem graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor in Early Childhood Studies. She also holds both Diplomas in Leadership and Teaching in Early Childhood Care and Education.  She is a seasoned Early Childhood educator, with more than ten years of teaching and leading experiences. She possesses excellent classroom management skills and has a clear comprehension of various teaching methods, which are centred around a pedagogical approach in child development. She firmly believes in the premise: Great teachers do not simply teach. Nurita is decisive and an analytical leader, who has no difficulty when it comes to establishing relationships with even the most diverse of groups. She has helped her students form connections across disciplines and emphasises active, collaborative learning.

Janelle Lam

Janelle Lam graduated from Murdoch University with a Degree in Psychology. Having received her Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education, she developed her teaching career through planning meticulous lesson plans which were in tune with national curriculum models and made it a point to evaluate materials to meet the specific needs of her students. By adapting the curriculum to fit the necessary requirements and maintaining overall progress, she demonstrated versatility and a unique ability to diversify her teaching style at any given moment. Her goal is to help cultivate the students’ interest in education and be their dedicated ally in the entire process of learning and development.

Sunny Sitoe

Sunny Sitoe is a former primary school teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. His philosophy towards the teaching of mathematics is to create a positive mindset in his students toward the learning of mathematics and to impart in them the love for mathematics. From this philosophy, C. Y. Sitoe has taught many students to love and excel in mathematics. 


Colin Ong Tau Shien

Colin Ong Tau Shien is an experienced writer and social commentator. He is also a contract lecturer at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), specialising in entrepreneurship, as well as an active member of the Economic Society of Singapore. He is a recognised educational curriculum developer, and in the past three decades, he has taught students from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Eric Kua

Eric Kua graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor’s degree in Pure Chemistry. A former MOE JC teacher, Eric obtained his Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore. He also completed the Teaching and Learning course from The Derek Bok Center, Harvard University. Eric is the founder of Eric Kua Education Centre Pte Ltd and principal Chemistry tutor at Mr Khemistry tuition centre. He specializes in H2 Chemistry tuition for A-level JC and IP students. 


Felin Kua

Felin Kua graduated from Murdoch University, Australia, with Master of Human Resource Management. After several years in the corporate world, she now devotes her time and dedication to tutoring and working hand-in-hand with students from Primary and Secondary levels, encouraging and motivating them in their studies. She prepares customised and innovative teaching methods for every student, adapting to their interests and needs. She ensures that her students’ have a strong foundation in their subjects and can relate the questions (especially on Mathematics) back to real-life contexts.

Liu Wanzhen

Liu Wanzhen holds a Master of Education (Developmental Psychology) from the National Institute of Education (NIE) and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). She has more than 10 years of teaching experience, as a secondary school Chemistry teacher and later as a tutor. In her current role, she is an educational coach and tutor who guides students in content mastery and helps them develop determination, self-esteem and skills to succeed. She has also conducted talks to guide parents on ways to motivate their children in learning. 

Edwin Siew

Edwin Siew is the lead economics tutor of Distinction Economics which specializes in A-Level and IB Economics. His qualifications include a First Class Honours degree in Economics from the Singapore Management University (SMU) under the auspices of the SMU Merit Scholarship. He has about 8 years of teaching experience, and many students have benefited from his exam-oriented and results-driven methodology.