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Lesson Study 

Lesson Study (LS) aims to shift teaching practices from “teaching as telling” to “teaching for understanding”. It serves as a catalyst to improve teaching practices by collegially reviewing strategies for better implementation of future lessons. The newly discovered knowledge of instructional practices can not only be shared at the school level, but also at a national level.

This course will introduce lesson study as a teacher-led, profession development process. Educators’ capacities and dispositions will be developed, as they discuss curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and other related issues. We explore the various stages of LS based on the procedure as follows: 

• Plan: Educators select a topic and set learning outcomes based on what the learners are struggling with. Educators will then collaborate to design a detailed teaching plan (Research Lesson). 

• Do and See: The Research Lesson is enacted, while other educators collect data about the different aspects of the lesson using a variety of observation tools. 

• Improve: Post Research Lesson colloquium, educators will analyse their observations and determine whether the learning outcome is in line with the Research Lesson. Refinements will be made to the Research Lesson vicariously through various inputs by the educators and facilitators. 

To provide educators with a comprehensive knowledge about LS, we also explore the benefits and challenges of implementing LS. We hope that this will foster the development of good teaching practices in educators. To add on, we also ensure continuity in the LS journey by providing support for educators so that they become more attuned to the structural balance of their lessons, and the impact of their teaching on learners.

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lesson study workshop for teachers