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Differentiated Instruction

Every student differs in his / her approach towards learning. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning, and educators should respond according to the needs of the learner. There are two different types of differentiators – internal and external. External differentiation involves putting different learners in different classrooms, where learners are grouped according to their capability. Internal differentiation takes place inside the classroom, by modifying the content, the method of delivery and other relevant modifications.

Differentiated instruction aims to attend to different readiness, interests, motivations, and learning profiles of students. With an increasingly diverse student population, our course aims to equip teachers with skills to meet the diverse student learning needs. As part of the course, teachers will explore the principles and practices of differentiated instruction and how to cater to the needs of learners using differentiated instruction principles and strategies. For instance, teachers can differentiate through four dimensions: the content taught, the process by which students learn, the products of their learning, and the learning environment they are placed in. In addition, they will also analyse and discuss issues in implementation, as well as solutions to problems inherent in a differentiated classroom.

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