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Academic Subject Workshops

Apart from being confident in approaches to educational practices, educators also have to arm themselves with the latest techniques and resources utilised in teaching mathematics and the English language. From teaching the heuristic approach in tackling mathematical problems to employing suitable vocabulary in the English language, these academic subject workshops will aid participants in becoming better educators.

Participants of this course will be provided with insights on the significance of the model method as an essential heuristic in solving mathematical problem sums. The course will also provide a greater understanding of various model types (e.g., part-whole, comparison and changing models), the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach, and the four operations, fraction, ratio and percentage, and algebra. Educators will also be guided on how to effectively craft questions and to direct learners as they use various heuristics to solve mathematical problems.

This course covers the three components within the Singapore English Framework: receptive skills, productive skills, knowledge about language. Participants will examine various methods to teaching grammar, insights into choosing suitable vocabulary to suit different purposes, how to guide learners to develop their critical reading skills, the mechanics of writing and continuous text creation and much more.