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Consultancy on Assessment, Evaluation and Examinations

Is your school’s existing modes of assessment, evaluation and examination adequate? If not, get expert advice from  CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd consultants, who are all well-experienced educators.

Assessment, evaluation and examinations form the core part of a coherent curriculum as they act as a feedback system of how well the students are doing. They may be inadequate in several ways, such as assessment not reinforcing what students are learning, or examinations which are too easy or difficult, or evaluation processes not capturing intended learning objectives.

Our consultants will first provide a thorough needs analysis on the existing modes of assessment, evaluation and examinations to identify potential gaps and challenges. Then, suggestions on how to replace less than desirable modes of assessment will be given, with ample resources provided for training teachers in the proposed new methods. The entire process will also be monitored and evaluated closely, so that you can be assured that an improvement has been made. If you are starting from scratch, we can also provide guidance and expertise on how to design a new test.

Data-Driven Approach

Whether a particular form of assessment is working should be ascertained through concrete data. By collecting comprehensive data about how the student population is performing and comparing variations, both positive and negative patterns can be identified and further analysed. This data-driven approach is similarly applied to the implementation of any new assessment, evaluation and examination method introduced, to ensure effective improvements.

Alignment with Learning Objectives
The purpose of assessment, evaluation and examinations is to ensure that students are learning what they are supposed to. Our consultants will discuss with teachers how to translate learning objectives into classroom instruction and finally, into assessment methods, in hopes of aligning all three for a seamless, quality educational experience for students.

Alignment with National and International Standards

Assessment, evaluation and examination standards should also be benchmarked to other schools nationally and internationally, to make sure that graduation certificates from the school will be valuable to students in their future. If necessary, seeking professional accreditation will also be within our consultants’ job scope to bring your school’s branding to the next level.

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