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Increasing Student Achievement through Effective Assessment for Learning (AfL)

AfL is concerned with practices that maximise the value of the feedback process to ensure that learning is optimised. Feedback ranges from informal e.g. immediate feedback given to learners as they process problems, to formal e.g. written feedback, the use of instruments such as rubrics that help clarify learning and assessment objectives. AfL also involves collaborative learning activities, such as peer and self-assessment. By following well-designed approaches to AfL, educators have a better knowledge of how their students are learning, and are able to use this knowledge to strategise how they will go about conducting future classes. AfL also helps learners understand their goals and what is required to achieve those goals.

Our course offers a guide to formative assessment. Formative assessment, in contrast to summative assessment, conveys that assessment is carried out during the process, not just the end. Learners should anticipate future learning. Although formative assessment is not a silver bullet that can solve all educational challenges, it offers a powerful means for meeting goals of high-performance, high equity of student outcomes, and providing students with knowledge and skills for lifelong learning.

Our course incorporates elements that include:

  • Initiation of a classroom culture that encourages interactions and use of assessment tools,
  • Indication of learning goals,
  • Monitoring individual learner’s progress toward these goals,
  • Utilisation of varied instruction methods and approaches,
  • Providing feedbacks on students’ performances and adaptation of instructions to meet identified needs.

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effective assessment for learning of students workshop