Ace Your O-Level Physical Geography – Essay Guide

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Ace Your O-Level Physical Geography – Essay Guide has been written in accordance with the latest syllabus taught by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The book focuses on the essay techniques and effective ways to answer Physical Geography questions. Questions in this book are set to be more challenging so that students can gain insights to answering questions that are more difficult. Using a step-by-step explanation guide with the suggested phrasing of answers, the book aims to help students master the skills of effectively structuring their essay answers to obtain the maximum marks. Ultimately, it hopes to strengthen students’ foundation in Physical Geography essay writing and enable them to independently develop their own answers.

The book serves as a guide to both teachers and students preparing for the O-Level Pure Geography and Elective Geography Examinations (Physical Geography) and is suitable for students taking both Pure and Elective Geography. The book is divided into 4 chapters and covers the topics: (i) Essay Writing Skills; (ii) Coasts; (iii) Weather and Climate; and (iv) Living with Tectonic Hazards. This book complements the O-Level Geography Essay Guide (Human Geography).

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