Ace Your O-Level Biology: Key Notes & Exercises

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Most students find biology very difficult to score in examinations because it will not ensure maximum marks even if they know the answer. In order to score well in the biology exam, certain details and specific keywords have to be incorporated into their answers. As key points and keywords are essential to obtain a good score in the biology exam, this book presents suggested answers keys for students, which can be used as a quick reference source, enabling students to save time on revision.

The answer keys are given in a question and answer format in this book. The questions are designed based on the learning outcomes in accordance with the latest O-Level Pure Biology syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education of Singapore.

This book contains:

  1. Specific key points and keywords for quick reference
  2. Biological diagram labelling
  3. Questions from the checklist to track progress on

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26 reviews for Ace Your O-Level Biology: Key Notes & Exercises

  1. Zhan Ting

    The notes are much better than those given by my school teachers.

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  9. Emily Lee

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