Bridging Pre-Primary Mathematics Heuristics Book 1

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Mathematics plays an important role in our everyday lives. The existence of Mathematical Concepts is an integral part of our daily lives. It can be from simply telling the time to giving the correct amount to the cashier at the supermarket. We are always doing basic calculations of addition and subtraction.

This is the first book of the Mathematics Heuristics book series that aims to give step-by-step guidance for early learners to learn and grasp new mathematical concepts. The skills review featured in the book will aid children in understanding a particular topic better. The questions are carefully selected and written for children to bridge their learning progressively.

Questions marked with a star are challenging questions designed to stretch the potential of students.

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ISBN 978-981-11-9765-9

Author: Nurita Salem

Publisher: Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore)

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Extent: 128 pp [2-colour]

Size: 190 mm x 260 mm

Genre: Revision (Pre-primary)

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