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K1 Revision Set

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Not sure which books to buy for your child in Kindergarten 1? We have a basic bundle for you at a lower price! Simply buy this set to enjoy the special price! Usual price if you buy these 9 books separately is $91.80.

Pre-primary Preparatory Course Mathematics K1 Book A and Book B help build essential mathematical skills foundation in a progressive and systematic manner. They provide comprehensive practice for each concept in a straightforward and targeted approach. Interesting illustrations and pictures are used to allow children to make connections between the real world and mathematics, and thus help children to develop a stronger grasp of each concept.

Bridging Pre-Primary Mathematics Heuristics Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3 aim to give step-by-step guidance for early learners to learn and grasp new mathematical concepts. The skills review featured in the books will aid children in understanding a particular topic better. The questions are carefully selected and written for children to bridge their learning progressively. Questions marked with a star are challenging questions designed to stretch the potential of students.

Developing Numeracy Skills for Early Learners focuses on building counting and problem-solving skills in early learners. This book contains engaging visuals and exercises to make learning about numbers exciting for young children, so as to strengthen their foundation in Mathematics and prepare them for more challenging topics in the future.

The Fun Learning Phonics series aims to introduce early learners to phonetic skills and engage them in fun and interactive hands-on activities of various skill levels. Interesting and challenging activities await learners to achieve success in preparation for their primary school education. In Level 1 – Beginning Blends, learners will be formally introduced to blends. These beginning activities will prepare learners for the more advanced activities in the following levels. In Level 2 – Ending Blends, learners may need some help sounding out some of the complex sounds and understanding how some blending sounds work. This encourages reinforcement and clarification of learners’ blending skills to allow learners to gain confidence for the next level. In Level 3 – Digraph vs. Blends, learners should be able to think of words that begin with specified blends. The words and concepts used in this level are more challenging than the two previous levels. Ensure that learners have mastered the first two levels before proceeding to the third.

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