Pre-Primary Preparatory Course Science Made Simple Book B

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Science can be a challenging subject for many students, but it doesn’t have to be. With Science Made Simple, children can learn the fundamentals of science in a fun and interactive way. This series of two books is designed to help children grasp all the key concepts in the Lower Primary Science syllabus. Whether they are in Kindergarten Two or Primary Four, these books provide a solid foundation for children to build their scientific knowledge.

For advanced learners in Kindergarten Two, Science Made Simple can help develop their appreciation for scientific concepts. The books introduce fundamental scientific concepts through engaging activities and experiments that spark curiosity and encourage exploration. The hands-on approach helps children to develop a love for science and fosters critical thinking skills at an early age.

For children in Primary One and Primary Two, Science Made Simple can help prepare them for deeper scientific learning. The books cover all the basic concepts required for Lower Primary Science, including topics like the human body, animals, and plants. The activities are designed to be interactive and encourage children to think creatively, fostering a love for science that will last a lifetime.

For children in Primary Three and Primary Four, Science Made Simple can be used as a practice and examination preparation tool. By completing the activities and exercises in the books, children can consolidate their knowledge and prepare for exams. The books also serve as a revision guide, with all the fundamental concepts required for Lower Primary Science covered in detail.

The Science Made Simple series is written in a simple and concise manner, making it easy for children to understand. The books are illustrated with colourful pictures and diagrams that help to explain scientific concepts visually. The activities and experiments are designed to be engaging and fun, making learning science an enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, Science Made Simple is an excellent resource for children of all ages to learn and understand science. The series provides a strong foundation for scientific learning, helping children to develop a love for science and critical thinking skills. The books are interactive and engaging, making science accessible to all children, regardless of their level of understanding.

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