Pre-Primary Preparatory Course Mathematics (K2-P1) Book A

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This series of 6 titles is designed primarily for children in Kindergarten One and Kindergarten
Two. More advance learners in Nursery Two can start developing their mathematical skills
through this preparatory course as well. K2 to P1 Book A is written for children in K2.
To excel in Mathematics in primary school education and beyond, it is important to grasp
all essential basic mathematical skills well so that children are able to grasp more advance
mathematical concepts in the future. Therefore, this course helps build that foundation in a
progressive and systematic manner.
It is comprehensive by providing sufficient practice for each concept in a straightforward and
targeted approach. Interesting illustrations and pictures are used to allow children to make
connections between the real world and mathematics, and thus help children to develop a
stronger grasp of each concept.


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