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K2 to P1 Revision Set

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Not sure which books to buy for your child in Kindergarten 2? We have a basic bundle for you at a lower price! Simply buy this set to enjoy the special price! Usual price if you buy these 13 books separately is $131.80.

K2 to P1 Thematic English Book 1 and Book 2 are specially written for 5- to 6-year-old children to acquaint them with the necessary language skills needed for Primary One. To prepare for entrance into Primary One, pre-school children are introduced to basic grammar concepts like punctuation as well as frequently used words or sight words which are within the Primary One English syllabus. The books follow a systematic approach to learning and consist of a variety of practice questions that are used to engage children in active learning. Children will develop skills and understand the grammar concepts at a progressive pace, thus building a solid foundation as they approach primary school.

K2 to P1 Thematic English Vocabulary is written for pre-schoolers who are building their foundation for English and getting prepared for Primary 1. This book focuses on the basic skills that they can learn and use in their daily lives. This book comprises a range of interesting and thought-provoking questions to stretch the minds and maximise the learning of pre-schoolers.

K2 to P1 English Grammar Practice is specially crafted to provide children between the ages of six and seven with a strong foundation in English grammar. Learning is made easy and engaging with a range of question types to equip children with essential writing and writing skills. The aim of this book is to prepare early learners adequately as they approach Primary 1, enriching them with the necessary mastery in English grammar.

Bridging English K2 to Primary 1 is an excellent resource for young students who are looking to improve their English language skills. The book is designed to be both engaging and informative, providing children with a simplified approach to learning grammar, vocabulary, sentence structuring, spelling words, and pronunciation.

Pre-primary English Reading Comprehension is a valuable resource for pre-schoolers who are on their way to becoming school-ready for Primary 1. The book provides children with the skills and knowledge they need to develop strong reading comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, and a love of reading. By using the resources provided in this book, parents can support their children’s learning and help them achieve academic success.

Pre-primary Preparatory Course Mathematics K2 Book A and Book B, and K2 to P1 Book A and Book B, provide comprehensive practice for each concept in a straightforward and targeted approach. Interesting illustrations and pictures are used to allow children to make connections between the real world and mathematics, and thus help children to develop a stronger grasp of each concept.

Science Made Simple Book A and Book B are designed for children to grasp all key Science concepts in the Lower Primary Science syllabus. Advance learners from Kindergarten Two can start developing an appreciation of the Science concepts. They aim to instil confidence for deeper Science learning and exploration. All fundamental concepts required for Lower Primary Science are introduced. After completing all practices, the books serve as examination revision notes for Primary Three and Primary Four.

88 Things to Note is written for parents by an experienced lower primary school teacher. It is meant for parents with children entering into primary school. It provides an insight on the selection of a primary school, explains the support parents can provide their children during the transition period, and highlights other factors that would affect a successful transition. This book compiles more than 80 life hacks for parents and is written to help you prepare to send your child to school, as well as explain the workings of the school to you. This book will serve as a bridge between you and your child’s teachers as well as help make the selection of a suitable primary school less frustrating and more enjoyable.

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